A completely free aviation chart application for educational flight simulation

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Cover image by Joe Shaw

Finally, there now exists a place where all the individual AIPs of countries are brought together, allowing easy, efficient access to aviation charts.

Say goodbye to trawling through Google, foreign languages and complicated navigation menus.

Say hello to ChartFox.

Current Coverage

Blue = Full Coverage | Red = AIP Coverage

Supported Flights On VATSIM

Live flights on the network that have fully supported charts available on ChartFox (not including AIP coverage). Currently 363 pilots with flight plans online.


  • Currently 4320 highly-detailed, supported airports. For most un-supported airports, a link is given to an appropriate chart source.
  • Fast, intuitive interface - no more fumbling with flimsy UI's when it matters the most
  • Up-to-date charts - updated every AIRAC cycle automatically
  • Built in chart classification - for easy chart selection and filtering
  • Chart Dock - be prepared by adding charts to your dock, allowing you to quickly change between them. This can also be shared with others!
  • Device Compatibility - Works on most phones (when landscape), tablets and larger displays. On iOS devices, you can save the site as a web-app!
  • Chart Sharing - Want to send a chart to a friend? Just copy the URL in your browser after picking one!
  • Did we mention? It's free!

How does it work?

    Think of ChartFox as a browser for charts. We have a list of free, publicly accessible charts (via a URL), which are displayed to you inside the application.

    When you a select a chart, we send the link to your browser, and your browser loads the chart directly from the chart supplier and displays it to you. Simple!

ChartFox operates as a not-for-profit service, free for the public to use. Please consider donating / disabling ad-block on this site.